Friday, July 15, 2011

National League Football game in Brazil

Football is the game that unites this country and stirs up a passion within everyone young and old. Everywhere I go, people ask me who I support - Gremio or Inter. They are the two big local teams in Porto Alegre. I've chosen Gremio as that's the team Marta (my local client) supports and she was kind enough to invite us to watch a game live with her and her family. Having heard and seen so much about Brazilian Football, I could not leave here without experiencing a live game .. and boy was it an experience ! I can now tick this one off my list of things to do.

The game was between one of the local soccer clubs- Gremio and a club from a neighbouring state (don't remember the name). The ambience was amazing ... all through the game there was constant singing, dancing, bouncing, chanting, abusing and tears of joy.

The blue team - Gremio won 2-0. Here's a few videos of what we experienced...

Gremio Fans at the start of the game

Some Gremio football action

Gremio Fans going nuts in the cage..

Gremio scored a goal and the fans in the cage all avalanched down to the front

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Anonymous said...

those videos are freakin' insane - just like those die hard fans! What an awesome experience. Liz

Anonymous said...

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