Friday, July 22, 2011

Iguazu Falls weekend

The Iguazu Falls are one of the most awesome of the world's natural wonders, Iguazu Falls is an experience of a lifetime.  Located primarily in Argentina, the falls are in a semi-tropical jungle ecosystem.  These majestically powerful cascades are considerably higher and much wider than Niagara Falls. We were informed that there are actually around 240 falls all together but the number varies with time of the year and season.

Eleven of us left on Friday afternoon on the trip that was planned months ago to the majestic Iguazu Falls. For Saturday, the plan was cross over to the Argentina side to view the falls. We set off early morning and got to Foz du Iguazu at around 9:30am. Our first stop on this side of the falls was to view Garganta del Diablo - the Devils throat. We were advised that 20% of this waterfall belongs to Brazil and the rest to Argentina. We took a train to the start of the trail to get to the falls and from there it was a 1 kilometer walk. The weather was perfect and when we got to the falls, the views were spectacular ! We arrived right at the top of the Devils Throat and took in the sights and the thundering roar of the falls. We spent about an hour at this lookout elbowing people out of the way to get photos of this amazing natural wonder. The photos do not do this justice.. so view the video as well to get a feel for what we saw.


Our next stop was the Upper Circuit to see the San Martin, Mbigua and Bernabe Mendez falls. From here, we got panoramic views of the Falls from the Upper Iguazu river.

After a quick bite for lunch (some of which we shared with the local inhabitants- the Quatis) we walked the lower circuit for views of the falls from a lower vantage point.

We woke up on Sunday to the most rain I've ever seen ! We spent a fair bit of the morning debating our agenda for the day as it was really REALLY wet outside. Daniel was trying to organise an activity for the group at the hotels tourist office and suddenly came running out and goes, there's a Copa America game between Paraguay and Brazil.. its 10 minutes from here.. lets go ! So, we all made a split second decision, jumped into cabs and went to the game. When we got there, we found out it wasn't actually Copa America.. but it was a International Futsol League game between Paraguay and Brazil. None the less... it was indoors, and we had a chance to get out of the rain, so we decided to go anyway. Our next challenge was getting into the arena as we didn't have tickets to the game. So after much talking in English, wild gesturing and pretending to be ignorant foreigners, we got let in to the game for free ! It ended up being quite an experience as apparently Futsol is pretty big here too... the stadium was packed with fans and we muscled our way down to the very front and cheered on the Brazil team who won the game 1-0.

In the afternoon, despite the rain and cold, we decided to make our way to view the falls from the Brazil side. We walked the 600 meter trail while it rained and poured non-stop for 3 hours. The views from the Brazil side were even more spectacular than those from Argentina. The vantage points were amazing ... there was a pier of sorts that went out to the very edge of the falls where we got even more soaked from the water from the falls (as if the rain itself wasn't enough) and another point were we could view the falls from the very top. All in all, I think we had a pretty unique experience walking around in the rain and cold and getting a rainy day view of the falls.. and still managed to get some pretty decent pictures when I finally took my camera out.

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