Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cultural presentations @ FPD

Last week, the Pedagogical coordinator requested Jas and myself to do cultural presentations for the students at Pensamento Digital centre.  

We put together some slides on China and Australia and we were told that we had about 2 hours to present our countries/ cultures to the students. We were going to have two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

I rushed and put together about 10 slides on Australian animals, Famous Australian people,  Australian Food, Australian Football, Australian Sights and the symbols of the Australia. We had our lovely friends from AISEC – Irina and Gisele – translate for us while we presented. The kids were all so fascinated by the information we gave them and they had so many questions to ask me about the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the population of Australia and Vegemite. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any vegemite for them to try. That would have been interesting. We also had some t-shirts to give away to the children as prizes. I asked them if they knew any Famous Australians… and apparently, the most famous Australian to come out of Australia according to Porto Alegrans is .. wait for it… Kangaroo Jack ! Both groups of students came out with the same response.  Other answers I got were..  George Clooney and Jim Carey. No one has heard of Kylie Minogue out here :o)

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