Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Cape York Secondment

And here I am again... ready to embark on my next Volunteering adventure.

This time, I'm not travelling half way around the world- but to the Northern tip of Queensland- Cape York !

There are 17 Indigenous communities in Cape York, most of which were formed as missions over the last 100 years. The communities in the Cape are afflicted by a number of social problems such as, extremely high rates of unemployment, high rates of preventable disease, poor education participation, alcohol and substance abuse etc.

As part of a partnership, IBM, KPMG and Westpac send volunteers from the corporate workforce to work with Indigenous Enterprise Partnerships (IEP) to seek and develop innovative ways to arrest and breakthrough the destructive passive welfare economy.

Sponsored by IBM, I will be based in Cairns for 5 weeks in June/ July to work with the Indigenous organisations and to support the initiatives designed by the Cape York communities as part of a broad plan to build financial independence.

Watch this space to follow me on my journey in the weeks to come :o)

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Anonymous said...

good job, kiddo. We will be following you on this site! ~liz