Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Birthday and last weekend in Cuzco

Viernes, 10 Octubre
Today I had my first Arte class with the kiddies. Now, most of you who know me will know that I can`t draw a stick figure to save my life. Lucky for me I had Julia helping and she had a plan.
We had the 1st and 2nd graders for arte that day and we decided on a couple of topics and gave the kids colours and paper. The drawings that they made are going to be used as place mats for the Peru`s Challenge ball in November. So, fortunately I didn`t have to do any drawings myself (the kids drawings totally outshine anything I would have done!).

In the afternoon Hannah and me skipped Spanish class to go Bungee Jumping. What an experience!! At 122 mts, it is claimed as the highest Bungee Jump in America (north and south). After coming down from school, we made a mad dash into the town where we were getting picked up. We got to the site and had to sign our lives away. There was a group of Brazilians who were doing the jump before us and we were kinda disappointed that we didn`t bring our own possey to cheer us on. But oh myy Godd..... what an amazing experience! When I got to the top I didn`t want to look down. It was THE scariest moment and at the same time most exciting thing ever to step off that platform into nothingness. I screamed all the way down and up and down and up and down again. According to Hannah (and the video evidence), I didn`t appear to have stopped to take a breath in between my screams.

In the evening, we were all set for a night out on the town. Cathy (volunteer from the previous month) was back in town for 3 days and we had a whole new bunch of volunteers too who had flown in in the morning. About 15 of us went out for a Mexican dinner to El Cuate where we stuffed our faces. The newbies left after dinner so they could go home and altitudeize (its now a new word!) themselves while the rest of us carried on. First stop Mythology... had a few drinks and danced on the bar. Yay me! Next stop.. Mama Africa... at this point it was only Cathy, Hannah and me and we proceeded to have a tequilla shot which in hindsight wasnt the best idea and left soon after. All in all, I had a fantastic day- and thanks everyone for the wishes!

Sabado, 11 Octubre
The morning after- woke up and had a glorious bath and then spoiled myself by getting an Inkan massage. This was then followed by a 3 hour lunchen with all the volunteers (old and new) at the Hemp cafe. I had the best pancakes ever.. they were about an inch thick and crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside... mmmm... sooooo good! The rest of the day was pretty much spent the same way.. I walked around town for a bit, took some photos and did LOTS of shopping. The evening was spent pretty much the same way- ate at a pub and then went to Los Perros (if you`re ever in Cuzco.. go here!) for dessert and spanish scrabble.

Domingo, 12 Octubre
I enjoyed rafting so much in Arequipa that I decided to do it again with the guys in Cuzco. The photos will suffice for this one.....

Rest of the photos from the weekend here...

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