Friday, August 5, 2011

IBM CSC Final Presentations and Goodbyes...

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Our last week in Porto Alegre was spent doing workshops and final presentations with our NGO's. As part of our deliverables, we had agreed to do a workshop with the Educators at Pensamento Digital and a presentation on the model which could be used to advise the Government and other Social investors.

After discussing and reviewing our Education Model with Marta, we decided it would be best if the Pedagogical coordinator delivered the presentation in Portuguese. We spent most of Monday and Tuesday working through the model with the coordinator to ensure she understood it and was comfortable delivering it on our behalf. The workshop was held on Wednesday morning and was well received by all the educators at the center. They could see how it is going to help the centre and benefit them and the students. On Thursday, we had our final presentation with some of the FPD board members at the PUC Catholic University. The board members were also very pleased with our work and had a few recommendations and feedback which we will incorporate into the model.

Friday was our last day in Porto Alegre and the final presentations for all the IBM teams. This event was held at the Ibere Camargo museum in the morning. We had one of the auditoriums in the museum and we had all the IBM teams, our clients and IBMers from the local offices. We all went through the work we had done in the past 3 weeks, the process we through and the end resultS. All the teams did a fantastic job and had very pleased clients. Needless to say, our time in Porto Alegre was well spent and well received.

This has been a really eye opening experience for me and I'm sure for the rest of my colleagues as well. We came here with various expectations and we've had them all exceeded. We've had a brilliant time getting to know the NGOs we've worked with, our clients and the Brazilian culture and have also learned so much from each other. The #brazil10 team are a fantastic bunch of people and this experience was only made better by the friendships we forged. This is a great opportunity that IBM provides us with and I'd do it again in a heartbeat if I could.

So Porto Alegre.. until next time .... its been awesome and I'll be back some day. Maybe for the carnival.. or maybe for the world cup ? ... but I'll be back ! :)

Next stop >> Salvador, Bahia

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