Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Volunteering with Peru's Challenge

Finally... after 4 years of dreaming about it, I'm doing it!

I am going on a volunteering trip to Peru for 6 weeks with an Organisation called Peru's Challenge who are based in Cuzco (a few hours outside of Lima).

The not-for-profit organisation works with volunteer travellers like myself to improve education, health and hygiene standards in indigenous mountain villages.

I will be based in a community just outside of Cuzco and will mostly be working with under privileged children in a school helping with school work, home work, sports activities, construction, gardening and general health and hygenie of the kids.

Here is a link to some more detail and a video clip from the Getaway show who did a segment on Perus Challenge-

Next update.... from Peru... :o)

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Cruz said...


Congratulations. I am proud of you. WAhat next..........Great Wall of China??????????